These are the career stories of diverse individuals working in a variety of careers. Watch or read about what inspired them to pursue their career, what they were like growing up, what they love most about their career and more!

This profile of Adidas Computational Designer, Jacques Perrault kicks off a new series of profiles of recent ArtCenter alums whose first jobs also happen to be their dream jobs. Jacques’ passion for sports design was ignited in an ArtCenter DesignStorm, where he was tasked with designing a better running blade, which directly paved the way to his current position as a designer with Adidas futures team, using 3D printed materials to create the ultimate customized athletic shoes.
Watch and listen to Amy Imamaru's career story and how she became the Director of Community Relations at Los Angeles World Airports. 
“Keep on being curious, keep on wanting to learn and to hone your craft, because the learning never ends.” Alicia Cho is a self-taught freelance food photographer based in Los Angeles and operating through her very own, Alicia Cho Photography. Coming from an educational background in Finance studies, through her own initiative and industriousness Alicia has successfully shaped a career which marries her natural talent for storytelling with an extremely relatable passion for food! Five years of experience working in Film and TV production as a 2nd Assistant Director on hit shows… Read More
Strengthen your brand with an in-depth look at marketing strategies that maximize the impact of everything from campaigns to roll-outs. Hosted by Music Forward Foundation.
Melody Godfred Gladeo on the Go
Want to start your career as a Entrepreneur. Watch and listen Melody Godfred, Small Business Entrepreneur, Fred and Far.
Great music helps movies ramp up the drama, TV tell stories, and ads sell products. Find out why music for picture, also known as sync, is more important to artist careers than ever. This session was initially offered during our 2021 All Access Fest! Catch it again here. Panelists: -Derek Pierce -  Manager of Sync, Primary Wave -Kirt Debique - CEO / CTO, SyncFloor -Barry Coffing - Founder / CEO, Music -Nicole Sanzio - Founder / Creative Executive, InDigi Music Moderated by: Serona Elton - Head of Educational Partnerships, The Mechanical Licensing… Read More